CodeBlocks-EP Windows 7 Special Fix

A few Windows 7 computers (both 32bit and 64bit) have issues with new font installations (possibly due to Windows 7 UAC control).

On these computers the CbLauncher freezes, or CodeBlocks-EP installed with the standard installer locks when loading source code.

If you encounter this issue, and until the reason is known and a permanent fix is embedded into the launcher, please delete your non-working CodeBlocks-EP installation and use the fixed installer bellow instead.

Features of the "fixed" installer
The fonts directory ...\CodeBlocks-EP\share\CodeBlocks\fonts has been renamed ....\font
The launcher, not finding the directory does not attempt to load the programmer fonts.
The default programmer font loaded from setup is Courrier New found in all installations.
CodeBlocks-EP will now work as normal, but with Courrier New as the default font.

Note that Courrier New is not the best programmer's font. You could try using Consolas if it exists on your system (Go to menu: [Settings]->[Editor]->Font->Choose. Alternatively you could try to install Inconsolata-sq from the ...\CodeBlocks-EP\share\CodeBlocks\fonts directory into your system fonts. If your Windows 7 installation has issues with font permissions, a 3rd party font viewer may help you do this (e.g.: ).

Download Code::Blocks EDU-Portable (Windows 7 Special Fix)

Free C/C++ IDE for Windows Windows Installer (setupWin7Special.exe) - Version 1.1.1 - 12 March 2011: CB svn 7041, download 116 MB. Requires 669 MB on disk.
Click on the setup file and follow the instructions on screen to install.

Alternatively (silent install):

Free C/C++ IDE for Windows Zip ( - Version 1.1.1 - 12 March 2011: CB svn 7041, download 185 MB. Requires 669 MB on disk.
Unzip into a directory of your choice (say C:\Program Files). It creates and unpacks to subdirectory CodeBlocks-EP.
Place a shortcut to "CbLancher.exe" (NOT to "codeblocks.exe"!) in your startup menu or launch bar.

This release contains all necessary components.
(No other downloads are needed!)

Modified: March 2011  -  Maintained byQuincy IDE maintainer