Code::Blocks EDU-Portable

C/C++ programming environment
Code::Blocks is an open source, free, configurable programming environment for C/C++.

The Code::Blocks EDU-Portable interface, integrated help, tools and default compilation settings are configured for ease of learning C or C++.

The EDU-Portable configuration of Code::Blocks provides easy, one-click installation as a portable application under Windows.

NOTE: Code::Blocks EDU-Portable is a Windows portable application. Other platforms are not supported.
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CodeBlocks-EP is specially configured for learners of C or C++ and teaching institutions with:
- simple portable installation
- easy access to C/C++ language help (by pressing F1 or via the Help menu)

- promotion of contemporary C and C++ programming language standards (C99, C++98).
- static code checking (cppcheck)
- a simple 2D graphics library (WinBGIm)
- a simple 2D graph plotting library (koolplot)
- conio and conio2 libraries
- C/C++ style formatter (AStyle)
- Automatic documentation generator (Doxygen)
- Contemporary compiler: GCC 4.4.3 Windows/unicode - 32 bit. Supports internationalisation.


- The Code::Blocks IDE is developed and maintained by the Code::Blocks team.
- Code::Blocks EDU-Portable is based on the portable configuration maintained by loaden as a Google Code project at .
- The CbLauncher program that makes CodeBlocks-EP truly portable was produced by Biplab and is available from
- The Windows installer was produced with Inno Setup.

The Code::Blocks IDE is free and open source. It is maintained and distributed under GPL v3.0 licence.

Code::Blocks  EDU-Portable is a learner-oriented configuration of the binary that did not involve modification or re-compilation of the source code provided at

Code::Blocks EDU-Portable

Free C/C++ IDE for Windows Windows Installer (setup.exe) - Version EP 1.01 - 14 April 2010: CB svn 6190, download ≃ 65 MB. Requires ≃ 295 MB on disk. Click on the setup file and follow the instructions on screen to install. This release contains all necessary components.
(No other downloads are needed!)

What's new in 1.01:

1.01 is mostly a bug-fix release. incorporating the latest Code::Blocks build which has become more stable.
Many plugins are now working more reliably.
The AStyle code beautifier plugin is more functional.
DoxyBlocks, the doxygen code commenter plugin has been added (experimental).

Previous version (archive):
Free C/C++ IDE for Windows Windows Installer (setup1.0.exe) - Version EP 1.0 - february 2010

Modified: April 2010  -  Maintained byQuincy IDE maintainer